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J Davis Prosound & Lighting Chennai Branch Launch

Chennai is now home to J Davis Prosound & Lighting’s first ever branch office outside of Bengaluru. Widely recognized as one of India’s premier sea-ports, Chennai has also recently been heralded among the top two Indian cities to live in – an accolade that could be attributed to the city being a major hotspot for India’s recent industrial, technological and entertainment boom.

Adding to the vibrancy of this already exuberant city is the fact that J Davis Prosound & Lighting has established a dedicated official presence in Chennai to efficiently cater to the city’s ever-evolving event entertainment technology needs.

"Feeding off of our rich history and legacy of over 40 years of commissioning some of the most illustrious events that have taken place in India – J Davis Prosound & Lighting has always aspired to expand it’s presence by establishing branch offices in key market cities across India,"

shares Santana Davis, Managing Director of J Davis Prosound & Lighting.

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